Emergency Care First Aid

Course information

Emergency Care First Aid (ECFA) is a half-day program that focuses on responding to common illnesses and injuries in adults. It complements the CPR / AED skills acquired via the CarePlus course or other training courses.

Core topics include:

  • preparing to help in an emergency
  • assessing the emergency scene
  • protecting yourself from infection
  • legal considerations
  • emergency action planning
  • ​responding to bites and stings
  • responding to chest pain and breathing difficulties
  • responding to sudden illness, such as fainting, stroke, seizure, chest pain, allergic reaction and suspected poisoning
  • responding to environmental emergencies, such as heat stroke, hypothermia and frostbite
  • responding to choking, shock and common injuries

Optional topics include:

  • using a tourniquet or splint
  • using an EpiPen injector
  • responding to open chest or abdominal injuries
  • emotional considerations


A Certificate of Completion (A4 size) is issued at the end of the ECFA course. The Certificate is valid for two years.

ECFA utilises the BasicPlus Student materials:​

  • student book (full colour)
  • wallet-size skill guide
  • pad & gauze bandages
  • nitrile (non-latex) gloves
  • home emergency planner
  • rescue breath barrier (Resaco)

Price per person:

¥22,500 including 10% consumption tax.

Two people:

¥40,500* including 10% tax.

(10% discount per person)

Three people:

¥57,375* including 10% tax.

(15% discount per person)

Four or more people:

Please Enquire regarding a quotation. Progressive discounts apply for larger groups.

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