BasicPlus - CPR, AED and First Aid for Adults

Course information

BasicPlus is a comprehensive MEDIC First Aid  program incorporating adult CPR, AED use and basic first aid skills for adults. It is suitable for those who need to acquire or update these skills to meet occupational, regulatory or personal requirements. Course duration is 5.5 - 7 hours, including a lunch break.

Core topics include:

  • preparing to help in an emergency
  • assessing the emergency scene
  • protecting yourself from infection
  • legal considerations
  • cardiopulmonary function and cardiac arrest
  • ​the chain of survival
  • chest compressions and rescue breaths
  • AED operation and troubleshooting
  • responding to choking, shock and common injuries
  • responding to sudden illness, such as stroke, seizure, chest pain, allergic reaction and suspected poisoning
  • responding to environmental emergencies, such as heat stroke, hypothermia and frostbite

Optional topics include:

  • using an EpiPen
  • using a splint
  • using a tourniquet
  • responding to open injuries
  • responding to bites and stings
  • emotional considerations


A BasicPlus Certification Card is issued upon successful course completion. Certification is valid for two years.

BasicPlus Student Pack

Course participants receive a BasicPlus Student Pack:​

  • student book (full colour)
  • rescue breath barrier (Resaco)
  • wallet-size skill guide
  • home emergency planner
  • pad & gauze bandages
  • nitrile (non-latex) gloves

One person:

¥27,500 including 10% consumption tax.

Two people:

¥49,500* including 10% tax.

(10% discount per person)

Three people:

¥70,125* including 10% tax.

(15% discount per person)

Four or more people:

Please Enquire regarding a quotation. Progressive discounts apply for larger groups.

* During CPR / AED practice, two or three participants usually share one training mannequin. Use of one mannequin per participant is possible, however the one-person price will apply.
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